The solutions from using drones for Construction and Utilities are becoming more and more popular. It's a no brainer as to why...

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1. A greater view point and resource from the drone

Elementary surveys providing detailed overall picture of the lay of the land to property inspections and surveys help to capture views of what are usually hard to reach places such as high buildings, gutters, flat roofs, chimneys, skylights, and damaged structures. We can tie the images together in an easy to read format, using 3D software and photogrammetry.

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2. Keep you and your workspace safe

Using the drone for safety assessments and work flow surveys such as initial drone survey of elevated work, and dangerous e.g. bridge, mines, church steeple. You can also be comfortable in the knowledge that we strictly follow the CAA guidelines and that safety and efficiency is paramount to Lunar Aerial Imaging.

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3. Drones ease your communication processes and make you glow

We can provide drone progress shots; drone time lapses from all angles in detail, tracking the progress and preventing any disputes. 

Using the drone footage you can take your clients and colleagues on journeys through video, stills, 3D images, CGIs, panoramas, and photogrammetry. At the end of the project we can provide you with a timelapse video of the build progress from start to finish.

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4. Using drone imagery in construction can save you thousands of pounds

You will be able to get a selection of quotes and opinions, without the need for contractors to visit the site each time.

The images provide faster communication and understanding of any issues that require attention.

As well as unnecessary money of erecting scaffolding too early or too long.


5. Help solve your problems

Use the images for your consultation processes -  send out images of the area to all parties involved to get different recommendations and quotes. Immediate access and communication – great for those who aren’t always able to get to the site; a one minute video will quickly show clients, architects, surveyors and engineers the current status.

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6. Make you shine to the rest of your team and in your sales process

The drone footage certainly adds that Wow! Factor. So much so that we have a whole new page dedicated to it.

Why Lunar?

  • Professional

  • Experienced

  • CSCS card

  • Option of our 17m pole for the places the drone just can't fly

  • Safe and efficient

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