Drones to market property in the northwest

Lunar Aerial Imaging was commissioned by Daniel Kiloran at the property marketing agency Nudge Point, to add that extra dimension for showcasing a complex of apartment blocks in Salford. The property developers will be using the video to help with their marketing programme aimed at overseas investors, showing the location of the buildings with respect to local road systems, neighbouring buildings and highlighting the complex’s unique design.

Daniel also wanted to show the dramatic views out from the apartment blocks and felt that this could be best achieved using drone footage. To show this for each floor and building we used the outward looking drone to fly vertically up  the outside of the building. Then using computer graphics we showed the floor level and the apartment block.  For anyone not able to visit the site, the lay of the land is clear, providing a great sense of the space. 

Greg watching his monitor
Can you spot our flying camera?

For this job in a congested city area, extra effort was needed for the pre flight assessment; we had to find appropriate places from which to take off and land and then get the permissions from the various landowners; in this case it was a church, office buildings and Salford City Council.

 Within days, on an early Sunday morning, Lunar was on site with a welcome weather window, the area was quiet, and the light was golden.

Looking down on to the garden
drone footage property northwest

Filming both at sunrise and then as the sun went down we got some great footage of the apartments against a background of the cityscapes of Manchester and Salford with the hills of the Peak District in the distance, as well as 360-degree views of the immediate locality.  

Marketing the property is not just about the apartments themselves, it is also about the whole area, its surroundings, and the lifestyle it provides. Drone footage provides a quick and easy way to convey that message.


Lunar Aerial Imaging did the editing, providing the agency with the finished product.


skyline drone footage northwest salford