Aerial photography and video using a drone brings a unique perspective to show off your event, be it a wedding, sport, conference, corporate function or festival. 

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1. Drones over water – water sports

Our drones over water are perfect for sporting events and activity such as:

  • Water sports
  • Swimming regattas
  • Boat launches 
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Tourism
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2. Drones for your wedding

We just wish they were around for when we got married, and it wasn’t that long ago! They are a fantastic way to capture the atmosphere of your special day and really add that WOW! Factor.

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3. Drones for sports

Be it a product launch at a premier league FC or a local tournament, the drone footage is fantastic and Lunar is experienced in it.

Drones are versatile and with Lunar’s skills we can really follow and watch the sport, from a stock car race to mountain biking through a forest.

Mnachester International Festival drone pic  Engels.jpg

4. Drones for Events

Aerial photography is a great way to capture the size, atmosphere and location of an event. We can be behind the scenes or we can set up a interactive station for people to see themselves and how the drone can work. 

  • Celebrity BBQ
  • Product Launch
  • Festivals – music, Car Fests
  • Corporate function

The Lunar Difference

LUNAR’s drone pilot (and former ship captain) Greg, first started out with the drones whilst at sea, so launching and landing from a boat, at anchor, or on the move is second nature.

Greg is also an enthusiast and lovers of sailing, kitesurfer, surfing, diving, paddle boarding... and most other sports on the water.  He is a man that understands the sea and all that goes with it. 

Greg is a fully qualified ship's captain, with the STCW 95. He's also an underwater camera man!

Wedding drone showreel:

Drones over water showreel:

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