Macclesfield Soccer Tournament

Lunar Aerial Imaging’s brief was to create a short video of a soccer tournament using drone footage.

The annual event was an initiative of Chrome Motors to support their local organizations and communities of Woodford and Macclesfield.  They wanted to put that extra bit back into the community and a short drone video would be an awesome souvenir for the young players and possibly even made them feel like premier footballers for the day.

Drone pilot (Greg on left) and camera man (Jack on right) concentrating hard. 
drone footage of soccer tournament Northwest hills.jpg

With all our jobs we like to have a good chat with the client, get an understanding of their needs, desires and aspirations, as well as providing them with a basic understanding of how we can operate and what the flying camera’s potential is.   “Greg’s consultation felt like a personal polished service, it gave us confidence and their footage was impressive,” said Danny Towns owner of Chrome Motors. “Greg was vehement about adhering to the legislation; he clearly outlined the rules and where they could fly giving us reassurance that they knew what they were doing.”The soccer was played at the Kings School Derby Fields in Prestbury, had 24 different teams participating, over 6 different pitches For this job it was essential to have our additional drone cameraman for chasing the ball and catching the fast-paced action. Seeing it all from a bird’s eye perspective is a great way to watch and analyze a match; coaches in the English Premier League are already using such footage to improve player performance and plan strategies.

Drone footage soccer tournament northwest cheshire
Flying the drone and getting some ground based footage

The soccer packed day was full of fun, and fair and hard play.  Lunar thoroughly enjoyed filming the event, and we got some fantastic footage of goals scored, goals saved, penalty shootouts, and sky punching kids. Looking back at the footage it was unsurprising to learn that some of the youngsters are already signed up to some of the Premier Football Clubs.

drone footage of soccer tournament northwest hands.jpg

Lunar Aerial Imaging edited the film combining footage from ground-based cameras, with the drone aerial work. We made a 10-minute video, with the first 2 minutes showing highlights and with the end showcasing longer bits of footage from the matches for the players to view and analyze.

“As well as providing a great personal service,  we are really happy with what Lunar gave us it is already providing us with lots of hits on our YouTube channel and the kids and parents love it” said Danny


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