We often work under the direction of DOP's, DIT's and Directors. Separate monitors are available for realtime viewing or you can work alongside our camera operator; we know how to take direction and are flexible to your needs. 


Case Studies

  • DOP can direct the drone pilot while viewing the footage on the monitor 
  • Quick playback
  • We are flexible and will happily do the early mornings and late starts to get the best light
  • CAA permission to fly at night
  • Variety of cameras available and can bring in on request
  • We're happy to offer a demonstration of our services before you book with us
  • We invest in the latest technology as it develops and as required
  • BBC, ITV, Independent Films, Including Cold Feet and Habit

We primarily operate with a separate cameraman who tracks the subject with the camera moving independently of the drone. This results in fewer takes to nail a shot and more complex action tracking is possible.

The DJI Inspire RAW drone has the camera integrated which has several advantages over carrying conventional cameras. These include:

1. The drone is smaller and more versatile

2. Exposure can be set in the air via the operators iPad display which saves a lot of time and is reassuring being able to constantly monitor the histogram and adjust accordingly.

3. Instant playback is possible even with the drone still flying to check the shot.

The camera records RAW lossless Cinema DNG files.

We can provide the RAW files or transcode into Prores 422, 422HQ or 4444.

We have 12mm (24 full frame equivalent) and 17mm (34 full frame equivalent) lenses.

Camera specs can be found here: