Drones used in Manchester based Horror Movie

Director and screenwriter Simeon Halligan from Not a Number was looking for some drone aerial shots for his latest movie, HABIT.

There were two briefs, The first was to use the drone to track a car driving along a small road and then swoop down so that the camera was close up to the rear of the car.

It was a case of the target car going first, followed by the drone, followed by a second vehicle carrying those controlling the drone (pilot, camera man, DOP, director, and car driver.  The road was dense with trees in parts, making for a great atmosphere, but also required some serious concentration and planning for flying the drone through the branches. 

The other drone shot request was to crane up from Stockport Viaduct to reveal a passing train; a specific train, so it was a one shot deal, no take 2 on this one.

Lunar Aerial Imaging is happy to say that we got the drone footage they desired and they are being used for the opening and closing of the movie.

We have since watched Not a Number’s previously made film “White Settlers” it was completely gripping and haunting. We look forward to seeing what Habit will bring us.