Lunar's drones used in BBC2's hit detective series - The Detectives. 

Artfully filmed from above,” enthuses Guardian TV critic Sam Wollastan in his September review of BBC2’s hit show The Detectives: Murder in the Streets. 

Lunar couldn’t agree more as some of that aerial filming was provided by ourselves – some shot especially for the series and some comes from the stock footage we sell off our website.

We particularly like the way filmmakers Minnow Films used our nighttime drone shots of the trains and trams making their way through the lit up late city. Really atmospheric and certainly added to the grittiness of the story.

“Manc noir,” suggests Wollastan. Maybe.

And good to see our name up there as the credits roll! Next year’s BAFTA awards, here we come.

We recently worked with Lunar on a four-part series for BBC2 called ‘Detectives: Murder on the Streets’. We found Lunar to be very accommodating – they found creative solutions to complex requests and the team were thoroughly impressed with the aerial footage shot. We hope to work with Lunar again soon and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them
— Minnow Films