10 Tips for using a drone to film at your wedding

10 things to consider if you are thinking of using a drone to photograph or video your wedding

The use of drones to get stunning aerial photographs or aerial video footage of your special day is becoming more and more popular. But to help you make sure it all goes smoothly and get the shots you want, here are some tips from Lunar Aerial Imaging.

1.     The venue – venues with large outdoor areas or in the countryside are usually a great background for drone wedding photography and video.

2.     Think about indoor drone shots. An experienced pilot can also operate inside the building subject to the suitability of the rooms. 

3.     The drone does make some noise, especially as it gets closer – a bit like a gentle swarm of bees.  Plan around this, think about this if you want it to film your ceremony, some people might use it during the music, or only before and after the ceremony, and during the cocktail hour. 

4.     If you want the drone video to be incorporated into a wedding video make sure that your videographer is happy to work this into their editing.

5.     The drone pilot – ensure your pilot is fully licensed and complies with all the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) safety guidelines. Your drone pilot needs to have an excellent understanding of the machines and the latest CAA regulations. Always ask to see the pilot’s CAA certificate for permission for aerial work. And ask to see some of the pilot’s previous work.

6.     The weather - be prepared, you might not get the shots exactly as you want them or when you want them. Drones cannot fly in heavy winds and in the rain. However, more often than not, there will be a  break in the weather and you could get some really great shots. Ask what the companies policy is regarding cancelling due to weather.

7.     Make sure you get the permission from the  wedding venues to use the drone. Your drone pilot will also need to ensure that the area is safe to fly.

8.     Planning – put your drone pilot in touch with the photographer and videographer if using; they should all work together to give you the most out of the footage. Make sure they all have the schedule for the day. Careful planning brings the best results.

9.     If Best Man is involved and works with the people with the cameras, it can give you some great shots. 

10.  Enjoy the drone; they can be a fun addition, that give your special day that Wow! factor. You and your guests can pose or they can ignore it, whatever works for you. People tend to find them fun, interesting and all part of the day’s entertainment.


Drone filming for an Asian Wedding in Harrogate

Drone filming for an Asian Wedding in Harrogate