Drones - a new perspective to help sell your home

Drones - a new perspective to help sell your home

The price is fair, the location ideal and the foundations are solid. But the place still won’t sell; not enough people are viewing it.

The story is that the economy is iffy, there’s too much competition, and it’s the wrong time of the year. There’s always a reason. Mostly valid.

So maybe it’s time to do something slightly different, something that will give you the edge, something to make a visit to this “difficult” property more likely.

More and more vendors and their agents are turning to aerial photography and videos to help draw attention to their properties. And we’re talking drones here, not those expensive and noisy helicopters.

Not only do drones enable you to get interesting outdoor views of the property not possible with ground-based cameras, but they offer that overview of the buildings and gardens and general neighbourhood which can be the decider for potential buyers.

And if you really want to sell the place, why not have a video tour of the inside of the property. We can’t think of a single drone operator who can’t offer this service to complement the aerial filming.

But do remember that your drone operator needs to be approved by the CAA having undergone formal training and prescribed testing and that they need to comply with all the restrictions about proximity to other buildings, people, roads and rights of way, and permission to land and take off from a particular location. Should you need any advice on this, Lunar Aerial Imaging would be delighted to help.