Lunar’s drone aerial images are being used for progress reports for the investors and the building contractors and for the marketing and sale of Cardiff Marina's mixed residential development.

Known as Bayscape, this development will provide a mixture of over a hundred apartments as well as offices, and waterside restaurant and bar, split between two contemporary buildings. 

The project is funded by the real estate ICG-Longbow and it is they who approached Lunar to get aerial progress pictures of the site, from the same vantage point each time, with a view to creating three time lapses at the end of the build. 

Lunar was provided with the architectural plans plus a CGI picture of the development. The drone pilot used these to propose multiple views that would work well with the drone throughout the whole build.

Using the drone’s special GPS navigational app six viewpoints were photographed on the drone pilot’s first visit for the client to select three perspectives. Each month the drone is positioned in the same locations and elevations to capture the progress of the project.



In addition to these pictures Lunar provides several opportunist pictures from each month that might grab the cameraman’s eye, such as the arrival of a new crane or the installation of solar panels. 


Cardiff Down River 1 June 2017.jpg