Drone footage of solar panels

We were called in by Forrest to get some still pictures of some of their solar panel sites. We flew the drone, got some great shots from interesting angles, and as the light was so good we decided to do some video as well. Here it is.

The client was delighted, partly because we did what they asked for, but also because we went beyond the brief – something we try and do whenever we can; let’s give the client a little bit extra, is our policy.

Apart from it being interesting to see two twenty first century technologies coming together – drones with all their hi-tech electronics and cameras, and photovoltaics – we forsee considerable usage of aerial imaging for solar farm operators, not only for marketing purposes but also for inspections and maintenance planning. While the farms we see on this footage are all land based, more and more operators are assembling their panel arrays on inland waters where routine access and repair activities to the panels are more problematic. Drones can offer solutions to such problems.

Solar power at sun down.
solar panel grid drone photo
solar power over grass.jpg