Drones for CGI at Morecombe Bay

We wouldn’t normally expect to fly across the water to fulfill a CGI brief, but here we had the opportunity – we were delighted.

We needed to get council permission to take off and land the drone on the seafront and then we had to wait for a suitable weather window – seafronts can be tricky – coastal local weather with its gusts and direction changes can be different to that further inland and special care has to be taken for such shoots.

Because of the location of the project we had clear instructions from our client, architectural visualization studio Virtual Planit, as to what time of the day they needed the filming done plus we agreed the visual flight path we needed to capture with the drone.

Working for Stainton Bespoke Homes, VP then used Lunar’s footage to generate the video found below. And what we see is a 3-d visualisation of a project that would otherwise simply be an architect’s 2-dimensional plan. The future of property marketing