Monitoring a civil engineering project using drone imagery

LUNAR Aerial Imaging have been commissioned by DWM Civil Engineering to take progress pictures of two of the sites for the prestigious residential development at Alderley Park in Cheshire for PH Properties.

This involves monthly site visits and from these we provide the following:

drones civil engineering cheshire
drone view of construction cheshire.jpg

i) A monthly detailed elevated overall image of the whole site built up from a series of photos taken from directly above the site and then stitched together. This offers the client an exceptionally high detail composite, which can be blown up for marketing and monitoring purposes.

ii) A monthly angled shot showing the scene of the site. For this our drone pilot studied the site plans with DWM to select the correct view point to suit the site during the whole of the build process. The exact same aerial shot is taken each month. For this LUNAR has noted and marked the waypoint on the dedicated navigational app to make sure that the drone camera is in the correct position – height and altitude, and pan and tilt.

iii) At the end of the build we will use these photos to provide a time lapse showing the overall progress over the entire period of the project.

iv) Each month we also provide the client with extra ad hoc drone photographs, such as aerial views showing the arrival of the concrete trucks and the interesting patterns and shapes of the foundations. 

drones construction monitoring cheshire.jpg
Flying the drone and getting some ground based footage

v) Every few months LUNAR will also take the extra time to shoot some video footage, and edit a short one minute video of the sites’ progress for that month. This footage can then also be used at completion to complement the progress shown by the stills imagery.

DWM will be using this material for marketing purposes mainly on their social media sites and then on their website on completion of the job as a case study.

They will also use the time-lapse images for analytical purposes reflecting on their progress and work flow systems.