CGI: Bringing Property Designs to Life: Salford – Local Crescent

Walk westwards along Chapel Street in Salford and you’ll come to the beginnings of a major development – all ground leveling, diggers, foundations being poured. It’s a building site, the first stage of a luxe and lifestyle development, modern living for the modern world.

LUNAR were given clear specific instructions by architect visualisation studio, Our Studio, working for Salboy, as to which aerial video and stills were required, from the times of the day, to 360 degree panoramas at different levels of the site to the different vantage points to film from. LUNAR then needed to get council permission for the drone flights, carry out a site visit to ensure all was clear from a public safety and privacy aspect, and get the weather right.

Our Studio then used our images to create the landscape onto which they imposed the digital model of the exterior and interiors of the planned development.

Be sure to watch the short video from Our Studio that shows the visualization of The Crescent using the drone footage of the two cities and surrounding hills as backdrop!  The future of property marketing!

These before and after shots really show how the CGI’s can transform the image.