Drones and Brexit

Drones and Brexit

Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil, but, you ask, how will Brexit impinge on the commercial drone industry.

Well, let’s say what most people are saying - it’s too early to say. That’s the easy bit. But there are some considerations:

1.     the serious drones are made overseas so we wonder what Brexit will do to prices and availability, and,

2.     regulations governing the use of drones and licensing by aviation authorities are already different from European country to European country making it difficult to operate in a region other than one’s own - Brexit could make it even more difficult for UK flyers to work in Europe, let alone be involved in helping standardize rules and regulations. 

The health of the UK economy is important to any market, but for emerging industries like ours, this is even more so. Let’s hope things don’t go pear shaped and that the growth in awareness of and use of drone video and photography continues as seen in the past couple of years.

The positive thing we can say is that no one has phoned Lunar to cancel jobs planned for next month or so. Perhaps drones are blessed after all.