Drones - delivering happiness to golfers

Question: how do golfers best prepare for their weekend round when there’s reputation or cash, or both, at risk?

Answer: they visit the golf club’s website and study the online course information.

Question: and what makes the golfer particularly happy when they look online?

Answer: when they find a drone flyover video showing each of the holes – pictures speak louder than words, aerial videos give golfers the edge.

We’ve just finished filming the eighteen scenic holes of Macclesfield Golf Club in Cheshire and the finished product is now up on their website.

We decided to shoot only in the early morning and the late evening – those golden hours – in order to get the light that would bring life to the video; we know we’re not competing in Cannes for the Palme D’Or, but Lunar likes to do things properly.

We used our new Inspire 1 RAW drone for this job – and it did us proud – no problem with landing gear or props in shot and definitely no curved horizons. We are as happy as a par 2 golfer.



Golf and Drone photography? Don’tcha just love it?

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