More gear - 17 metre pole

More gear... telescopic camera pole

We are able to offer more high views for those hard to fly areas - due to customer demand we have bought a 17 metre telescopic camera pole for providing 4k Ultra Hi definition video and RAW photos. Sometimes it just ain't right to be flying a drone. 

The new pole, also known as an elevated mast pole, is a great complement to our drones, especially if we need to film in no fly zones, near electric lines, crowds, built up areas or for time lapses. 

What about the image quality? 

We can mount one of our SLR's or the OSMO  (stabilised gimbal) with the  X5R RAW camera  so the camera is fully stabilised, and is still of excellent image quality. 

Can you control the camera?

Like the drones we have complete control of the cameras from ground level including pan, tilt and exposure. This is from a tablet that the customers and ourselves can view remotely.  

How does a telescopic camera pole work?

There are a variety of options to secure it in its place either with the portable tripod, hitch it onto the tow bar or have it on a specialized stand we can drive on to. The tripod feet can be pegged for use on soft ground.

It is then raised with an integrated pneumatic hand-pump. setting up takes no more than 15 minutes.

It can work at a variety of heights all the way up to the maximum of 17 metres, plenty of height above an average four storey building. 

And what about having the pole on a moving vehicle?

We can do it. We mount it using a fixture on the towbar and can then elevate the camera to 4 meters, and drive and film! Mobile elevated mast photography - we love it! 

Where do you store it?

Although it goes all the way up to the 17 metres, the camera pole still fits in our van. Phew!


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