Lunar's recent addition to the drone family, the DJI Inspire RAW

Lunar's recent addition to the drone family, the DJI Inspire RAW - the benefits

So for those of you who don’t know already, we now have the DJI Inspire RAW, with all the current possible upgrades! What a babe. It is a reliable, slick, small, easy to use machine that provides us with the 4K RAW aerial video and the RAW hi definition aerial photographs our customers expect. 

Lunar Aerial Imaging is particularly geeking out over the following benefits.


this drone is like a little sports car. It is definitely our “go to drone” for yacht racing, fast cars, animals and anything else moving at a pace.

Greater creativity when flying indoors  -

the stabilizing sensors act as an additional safety net when flying inside without GPS, giving us more space to be imaginative with our photographs and video.

 The ease of real time viewing -

wireless links are provided to multiple viewing screens. Great optional feature for our video production and photographer clients, but also just to the inquisitive mind.

Increased precision of drone location -

provided by the simple option of overlaying Google Maps onto the drone pilot’s control screen, ideal for mapping, tracking and surveying.


- neat, tidy, and lightweight, making it easier to get to those hard to reach places; we can just strap it to our backs to climb a peak or abseil a tower to take the aerial photographs and videos we dream of.

Quick response drone filming -

the assembly is almost instantaneous, so we don’t miss that key moment in time.

Live streaming from the drone-

it is actually built in to the DJI Inspire, so it is easy to go  straight to broadcast.

Despite this newfound love, our other drone family members, the Phantom 2, the S900 and S1000 are far from gathering dust on the shelf. They all have their special moments and times for our drone photography and video.