Top 8 benefits of using drone footage to market commercial and residential properties

Estate agents and property marketing agencies are now using drone footage to help sell properties ranging from luxury homes to city apartments to industrial estates. Potential buyers may live a long way from the property so a good video can encourage them to make the long journey for a viewing. 

1.     Starting right at the planning stage, a drone can capture the landscape and then add a 3D model of the building. They can also fly to the penthouse level to show the views before the foundations are laid. 

2.     The drone footage provides the dramatic Wow! element with sweeping shots of the landscape and seamless fly overs of the property. If the listing looks better, it will sell better.

3.     The aerial vantage reveals the surrounding area and special features be they the sweeping driveway, the tennis courts, the outdoor pool and sheep grazing in the neighbouring meadows, or the night lights, parks and environment of the cityscape, emphasizing the lifestyle the property can offers.

4.     The use of drones demonstrates to prospective sellers that you are a ahead of the game, keeping abreast of technology and doing all you can to help promote their property.

5.    Drone imagery can save time for you and prospective buyers - by providing your potential client with clear information that they can look at from the comfort of their own home or country.

6.     We can create a 3D model from the drone footage to make virtual tour around outside of the building. Great for remote viewing.

7.     Drone footage strengthens other footage, and it is ideal when seamlessly combined with the glidecams and steadicams for ground level video tours.

8.     It's cost effective ! – hiring a drone pilot is a fraction of the price of a helicopter, easier to organize and offers a more versatile range of shots.

And where there are impediments to flying such as trees, overhead cables, flight paths, adjacent footpaths, we use our 17 meter camera pole to generate footage. Problem solved.

LUNAR Aerial imaging is a leading drone business. We can provide ground-based footage as well as airborne; we can give you the RAW footage or the edited piece.  Please feel free to get in touch if there is a project you would like to discuss: or 07434 964 040.