The future is drone: revolutionizing property inspections and surveys

Drone technology is exciting the property and construction industry with cost effective site inspections for insurance brokers, surveyors, architects and property managers. In a safe, efficient and cost effective manner, drones and their cameras are able to capture views of what are usually hard to reach places such as high buildings, gutters, flat roofs, chimneys, skylights, and damaged structures.

Not only can it save thousands of pounds on the cost of erecting scaffolding, but the images are a tool that can be used to gather a selection of quotes and opinions, and provide faster communication and understanding of any issues that require attention. This is especially true in cases where there have been wide-spread damage such as from winds and flooding - insurance companies are able to assess the damage more efficiently and at a lower cost, ultimately giving their customers a chance to return to normality earlier than would be otherwise. For property management companies drone photography and videos provide quick, easy, and cost-effective inspections for reviewing, planning and property maintenance.

cheshire drone aerial roof survey photograph

For inspections and surveys Lunar Aerial Imaging is able to provide hi definition photographs or video (or both), zoomed in or as an overview. The client can stand alongside the pilot with their own monitor for real time viewing and can even direct the camera as and when required.  

Drones - They just make sense. 

property drone aerial survey, chimney.
Drone aerial roof survey cheshire
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drone aerial roof survey peak district