CGI: Drones Helping to Bring Property Designs to Life

Thanks to those clever people in the computer image generating studios raising capital and attracting investors for major property developments have all been made a little easier as has the business of marketing these properties well before the foundations have been laid.

CGI is already well established as a marketing tool for the more savvy property marketing businesses and construction companies, and exploiting CGI will, within a very short time, become the norm if units are to be sold before the final light bulb has been fitted. The dark ages have passed; welcome to the new dawn. Well before the first diggers move onto the site, the plans can be visualized in a 3-d landscape in order to help investors, planning officers, and prospective buyers make their decisions, either using the imagery on a screen or from traditional brochures.

The role of the drone in CGI varies from project to project.

At Lunar we have captured drone video footage to give 360 degree panoramas at different levels of the site to allow the CGI developers to create views from any vantage point at any level or aspect of the future building. Having the ability to reach the legal limit of 400ft above ground level means that we can generate the footage for buildings up to 40 stories high.

We also generate aerial aerial images from different angles and heights to show how the completed buildings will sit comfortably into the local landscape. Such images can be critically useful when working with councils at planning stages as well as for reassuring the public concerned about local landscapes as well as being used to sell or lease the units ahead of completion.