Congratulations Collette

Well done Collette, who won a half-day drone shoot in our business card prize draw at today’s ProlificNorthLive Expo at the Lancashire Cricket ground in Trafford. 

And what a day it was. This was our first trade show since starting the business in 2015. It was a gamble; we applied for a stand at the last minute and weren’t at all sure how it would all work out. In the end we had some pop-up banners printed and used these along with two drones and a 50” screen to draw attention to ourselves.

We were more than happy with the stream of really friendly people visiting us, asking about the drones, and drone photography, and enthusing over the show reel on the screen.

Hopefully we’ll get to work with some of those visitors in the near future. They seemed to have some really creative ideas and we would love to be involved.

 And if anyone wants to know more about Collette their website address is