At LUNAR Aerial Imaging we operate with a range of multi-rotor drones with camera and imaging systems;fully CAA licensed,WE work on land,over water,DURING THE day,DURING THE night. 

Our showreel


Drones in film, television and media

Drone aerial photography and video for film, television and media.


Drones for events and sport

Aerial photography and video recording those memories from up high


Property marketing with Drones


Drones for construction & utilities

Improving efficiency, safety and margins


Drones to promote city centres


Bespoke Businesses

Contact us to see how drones could help you

What you are looking for doesn't fit in to one of the above categories? Don't worry, if you need some aerial imagery we can help you. get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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The techy bit...

What we've got...

Prime Lens 24mm, 36mm, 53mm, 75mm full frame equivalent

Live video down link for realtime viewing

24 Megapixel stills RAW

Super 35 Sensor

14 stops dynamic range

Licensed to operate UAVs up to 20 kg day and night

Gyro stabilized

DJI Osmo

6K Cinema, DNG RAW

5.2K ProRes 4444XQ

Range of drone rigs including the DJI Inspire 2,  DJI S1000, DJI 900, and DJI Inspire 1

17 metre telescopic camera pole (elevated mast) for high congestion, crowded areas or no-fly zone work

Dedicated van for charging batteries, reviewing the footage and making a brew.