Using the drone to showcase the location of a Manchester Property -101 Barbirolli.

A photograph from our stock footage library had grabbed the attention of the 90 Degrees property marketing team. In the photo the city centre was glowing in the early evening light and the clouds were looking supreme. We were there with our flying cameras at the right time. Unfortunately the building they wanted to focus on was just off the shot. They wanted us to capture this again, but with a different focal point. They also had short time frame. 

We had two challenges here. Firstly, filming in the city centre - finding the right safe location to fly from has its challenges. We studied the maps and charts, taking in to account what they wanted to achieve and we were able to provide a couple of locations to film from. The first was filming from a car park to the west, the second angle from the south was from a roof top and with the drone reaching up above the buildings we could get the best perspective. We managed to get permissions relatively quickly. We were then ready to go. 

Our second challenge - the light and the weather. Manchester can be challenging.  Not only do we want the right sky, but we want the right sky at the right time of the day for the light on the building. In this instance we needed midday sun and the evening light. It was June and we were experiencing a heat wave. It was all lining up for the Sunday afternoon/evening. 

We went, we flew, we captured the shots, we sent them over to over client and they were very happy.