Drones for showcasing architecture and design

Filmmakers Standby Productions brought us in to their team to illustrate the outstanding design and engineering of Atkins Global Consultants, one of the worlds most respected, engineering and project management consultancies.

Harraby Community Campus in Carlisle was completely transformed with their new building and design.

The daytime aerial shots flaunted the design and layout of the school, capturing the children benefiting from the facilities, and revealing the school’s location in its environs.  The lights in the evening shots then radiated the warmth from within.

LUNAR found it an inspiring project to work on. Great to see a development having such a positive impact on the community.

With bridging interviews, drone shots, slow motion and kessler footage Standby created a powerful emotive film, showcasing Atkins’ exceptional designs. 

Standby Productions Film of Harraby Community Centre.