We often fly our drones on behalf of other production companies. 

This time, another worksite, flying our drones around a new JCB machine for Cheshire based mediafour

We gathered outside the site manager’s hut at 9.00.am for a full safety briefing before making our way to the first of several drone flight areas.

Dress of the day was hard-hat, ear and eye protection, gloves and steel capped boots. Plus high-vis vests.

mediafour’s Creative Director Steve Taylor directed the filming and working with Lunar’s drone pilot Greg Chivers, they chose the best angles to achieve the most dynamic shots.

The North West weather was kind to us and we made pretty good progress pausing every now and then to make way for a variety of diggers, loaders and excavators to complete their tasks.

The Inspire drone with its RAW camera did us proud and we managed to capture some excellent footage. mediafour were delighted by what we had achieved and invited us back for another job the very next day.

Of course, we love repeat business. Thank you mediafour. 


Alas,the footage is strictly secret and confidential.