Aerial photography and video using a drone brings a unique perspective to show off your event, be it a wedding, sport, conference, corporate function or festival. 

Drones are highly portable, offering rapid deployment to help capture that special occasion. At LUNAR Aerial Imaging we will strive to showcase your special moment, be it a high profile product launch, kitesurfing on the Pacific Ocean, or that day you drive from the church in a rusty old Mini with tin cans rattling behind you.  

drone aerial photography in sport
  • we offer a personal customer service with an understanding of event management
  • drones can provide a dynamic 360 degrees perspective of your event site
  • drone images can give visitors and guests an improved idea of the event's location


Some of the areas in where drone aerial filming for events can be invaluable:

  • remote sporting events such as rock climbing, skiing, and white water rafting
  • events that cover a large area, such as car and horse racing, or triathlons and marathons
  • the setting up and build of exhibitions and corporate events
  • fairs and festivals
  • outdoor art installations and exhibitions
  • your wedding, your celebrity barbeque, or the launch of your superyacht
Lunar aerial imaging drone over water.jpg
  • we are flexible with the post production; we can provide the raw footage or do the editing in house
  • drone footage can make the promotion of your event stand out from the rest
  • experienced drone pilots, happy to film over land, over water, outdoors and indoors, night and day.