Aerial photography with a drone brings a whole new perspective to showcasing your boat, and offers the unique benefit of getting close up-footage of the vessel under sail. 

Drones are highly portable and offer rapid deployment to help catch that exquisite moment when you are out in the ocean cruising along at sunrise with the spinnaker flying and the dolphins paying you a visit.

drones aerial photography, super yachts, by Lunar Aerial imaging

Drone pilot, Greg, first started out with the drones whilst at sea, so launching and landing from a boat, at anchor, or on the move is second nature.

Enthusiasts and lovers of sailing, kitesurfer, surfing, diving, paddle boarding... and most other sports on the water. 

Love the ocean and ocean life.

drone footage of yacht among islands


Yachtmaster Ocean

PADI Rescue Diver

Certified rebreather diver

Underwater videographer and diver.

  • marinas
  • sailing regattas

  • boat launches for shipyard and naval architect promotion

  • salvage projects 

  • kite surfing/surfing/sea kayaking/rowing/channel swimming skills

  • whale and dolphin watching and monitoring

  • environmental monitoring of the seabed

  • tourism