The growing benefits of drone footage in property and construction

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Manchester property and construction drone photograph one regent

7 ways drones in the construction industry can improve speed, safety and cost

The use of drones is becoming more and more popular in the construction industry.  Its a no brainer as to why...

1      Elementary survey of the land – detailed overall picture of the lay of the land.

2      Safety and Inspections – initial drone survey of elevated work, and dangerous zones to get clear idea of situation.  E.g. Bridge, mines, church steeple.

3      Progress shots and documentation – drone time lapses from all angles in detail, tracking the progress, preventing any disputes.

4      Consultation – send out images of the area to all parties involved to get different recommendations and quotes. 

5      Immediate access and communication – great for those who aren’t always able to get to the site; a  one minute video will quickly show clients, architects and engineers the current status.

6      Marketing – take clients and potential clients on a video journey of the construction site to demonstrate what the process, status is and to increase trust in the product. BIM from aerial images will bring the project to life bringing in early sales.

7      Portfolio – ideal aspect to demonstrate the finished product as well as a great way to see the view from the penthouse before the foundations are laid; BIM again.

As drone technology and supporting software and technology develop, drone use will be standard practice. 


Drones for 3D modelling of properties:

Saving money and time in site surveys and inspections. 

Drone Aerial survey for property. Lunar Aerial Imaging
  • drone camera has hi definition stills and video
  • professional cameras and zoom lenses
  • in-house editing available
  • time lapse
  • CSCS site visitor 


drone footage of power station construction site.jpg
  • 3D software and live streaming from the drone available
  • real time drone video through goggles or monitor
  • drone provides the ability to film hard to reach places


drone photo construction site.jpg
Alto Apartments drone property photo